“Pretend Like Bitcoin is a Goat,” Ellen DeGeneres Got BTC on Her Comedy Show

“Pretend Like Bitcoin is a Goat,” Ellen DeGeneres Got BTC on Her Comedy Show

It may seem to you that all people in your surroundings who talk about bitcoin know perfectly well what it is as a phenomenon and how it functions. But you are wrong, said American actress Ellen DeGeneres on her self-titled funny talk-show.

Bitcoin as a principal “guest” on Ellen’s show

In a show episode released on February 16, the American comedian Ellen DeGeneres got bitcoin on her show, starting with asking people in the studio whether they had heard it. Apparently, the majority raised their hands, when DeGeneres asked whether anybody good explain what it was. A few daredevils were ready to show up their hands as Ellen funnily exclaimed: “Liers!”

Then Ellen said that all people discuss crypto issues, but almost nobody really knows BTC's nature. She said that it looks like a confusing film plot: as you are watching the movie, your mates behave as though they are aware of what is going on and to keep up with them the only thing you can do is to say 'Yeah, I do too’.

Therefore, she dared to sort out herself what BTC is and started with a buffo comparison:

"Pretend like bitcoin is a goat. Now it's adorable... and you want to pick it up, and you want to pet it. But you can't because it's not there, it doesn't exist except for on that Internet right there, just like bitcoin is digital currency."

And she had a point as she went on to explain how people store this virtual currency – either in digital wallets or on specialized hardware.

Do or Die

At the same time, she added that the king of all cryptos is something like a stock market thanks to which people gain earnings. Ellen said that one-time bitcoin’s price is $20,000, whereas the other is zero. But the thing is, according to her words, that the case is either win or lose.

"Basically, if you invest in bitcoin, you'll either be a millionaire or you'll be totally broke," Ellen said.

Hence, she gave another ironic comment, saying that she would give preference to owning a “baby-goat” rather than this virtual currency.

Ellen knows what she is talking about

Fun is fun, but Ellen said the right thing – for newcomers, though. Indeed, this cyber coin is not a material item you cannot hold it in your hands. It is called a decentralized coin because no financial institution neither emits nor controls it.

On the contrary, its handling depends on the network of miners and computers – people and equipment which record all the transactions on the blockchain. Bitcoin indeed is unstable and there are high risks of losing it all or perspectives of winning fortunes.

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