Worth $250,000? Draper Says His Bitcoin Prediction is Still «Solid»

Worth $250,000? Draper Says His Bitcoin Prediction is Still «Solid»

Crypto-bull and venture capitalist Tim Draper holds on his previous claim in four years bitcoin’s price might surge as high as to $250,000. However, he is still not sure by what means this will be realized. Therefore, is Draper’s «prediction» a worthy prediction?

Great Bitcoin Future In The Eyes of Draper

This April Tim Draper, known for supporting bitcoin, boldly claimed that by 2022 the «big daddy» would climb to the margin of a quarter of a million. recently, he reiterated the forecast, saying that it is still «solid.»

Draper took the floor at this week’s Web Summit tech conference in Portuguese Lisbon with 70,000 attendees. There, he said:

“I have a pretty good sense of what’s going on four, five, six ten years from now because that’s my business – to meet with young entrepreneurs who are putting a future into my mind […] My prediction for $250,000 by 2022 – maybe 2023 but in that range – is absolutely solid, but I’m not so sure how we’re going to get there.”  

The latter notion raises a puzzling question — if Draper is not sure about how bitcoin’s price will increase, in which basis his «prediction» appears to be a prediction? Or is it just a populist claim? 

Financial Sovereignty in The Hands of People

Billionaire Draper was not the only crypto-celebrity attending the panel. Also, there were seen Blockchain top exec Peter Smith as well as one of the Managing Capital founders Garry Tan.

Both Smith and Draper talked about how the crypto-niche should develop. And bother of them agreed that it is crucial the financial independence goes to the hands of ordinary users. In particular, Draper said:

“Why we aren’t all… creating Bitcoin, putting together a wallet – just go do it so you get the feel for it because it’s so much better than what we have today.»

As of writing, bitcoin is traded at the rate of $6,421, according to Coinmarketcap.com.

Image Source: Flickr