Turkish Football Player Hired For $530 Bitcoins, Fiat On Top

Turkish Football Player Hired For $530 Bitcoins, Fiat On Top

Turkish semi-professional football team called ‘Harunustaspor’ claims to be the first football club to have ‘bought’ a player for the cyber funds.

’Big Daddy’ As a Reward

On January 30, CNN Turk informed that a 22-year-old man, Omar Faruk was hired for digital currency by the Turkish amateur football club ‘Harunustaspor.’ Its head, Haldun Şehit, revealed to the media that they paid for Faruk, exclusively, 0.0524 BTC ($528), as well as 2,500 Turkish lira ($661) in fiat money.

Image Source: CNN Turk

“We did it to make a name for ourselves in the country and the world… We are proud of this,” said club’s chairman Şehit.

Sports Adopting BTC

According to the Cointelegraph, even though it might look like the first act of this type in the avocational sporting party, it is not the first case ever.

For instance, last year December Bitcoin Suisse desired to reward the top player of Danish club Rungsted Seier Capital particularly on BTC. And that was a term of a three-year sponsorship swap.

Moreover, previously this year January, the owner of American professional basketball team ‘Dallas Mavericks’ – Mark Cuban – noted that basketball devotees would have a chance to buy tickets for the following season using BTC as well.

Another excellent example of cyber money adoption by sports is professional UK football club Arsenal’s ambitions to commence a sponsorship deal with upcoming initial coin offering, presented by American sports betting website.

Gov’ts As Obstacles

Even though sports keep embracing digital currencies, some countries’ governments are still at a standstill in this matter. Dubious remain regulatory policies concerning cryptos both in Denmark and Turkey.

Back in 2017, the government in Turkey hinted to the nationals that the usage of cyber assets is improper for Muslims, whereas the country, on the whole, could not afford relevant regulation over cryptos.

In the meantime, Danish central bank’s head Lars Rohde called BTC ‘deadly’ and suggested the citizens stand back from it.