Kim Kardashian Acquires Her First Physical Bitcoin

Kim Kardashian Acquires Her First Physical Bitcoin

One of the most important personalities in the modern beauty and entertainment industries, American-Armenian socialite Kim Kardashian West has got her own bitcoin too. However, only in a hylic form.

Kim Has Let Everyone Know She Got The One

Recently Kim Kardashian has posted stories on her Instagram, showing off her fresh piece of bitcoin – only a souvenir though. Presenting the novel feature, the TV-reality star wrote:

“We moved onto bitcoin!”

In the meantime, Matthew Roszak, a known crypto-entrepreneur, and co-constitutor of Bloq, has posted a photo of him and Kardashian on his Twitter. The two are posing with a physical unit of bitcoin.

Photo from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram stories

“Big fun at the First Annual cityofhope Charity Poker Tournament — also gave @KimKardashian her very first #bitcoin — KardashianCoin, YeezyCoin?” wrote Roszak.

It turns out that the most famous of the Kardashian clan and the crypto-businessman have met each other at the “If Only” a Texas Hold’em poker tourney. It was held in Los Angeles at the old LA Lakers basketball arena, The Forum, as it is mentioned on the Cityofhope site. The latter, by the way, is a charity related to cancer.

The philanthropic partakers were offered at the event, apart from traditional eating and beverages, such prize as the meeting with one of Kardashians superstars – Kim, Khloe, Kendall or Kris. The lucky ones were given a chance to play poker with one of them.

Photo from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram stories suggests that besides the physical representation of the most known cyber asset in the world, Roszak also gifted to Kim Kardashian the cyber version of it. At present, the price of one BTC unit has been fluctuating between $7,800 and $8,000.

Photo from Kim Kardashian’s Instagram stories

So if Kardashian indeed acquired it, it was a tiny but a pleasant present for her. This year Forbes listed Kim Kardashian among 500 richest self-made women with $350 million net worth.