Las Vegas Strippers Are Paid in BTC Via QR Tattoos on Bodies

Las Vegas Strippers Are Paid in BTC Via QR Tattoos on Bodies

Legends Room, a Las Vegas adult entertainment club, is a unique place, where strippers accept BTC as payment for their performances. Moreover, the club offers its visitors to buy bitcoin right from the club’s ATM. Another exciting feature of this club is that its strippers wear a QR tattoo on their bodies, which clients will be able to scan with their devices and, therefore, send dancers the payment.

The future of stripping industry?

Recently, the Las Vegas local TV-channel 8 News NOW interviewed the patron of Legends Room – Nick Blomgren – as well as its performers to find out how they deal with the cyber money boom.

The club opened last year late spring and positioned itself as a place where people would be able to pay for services using cyber assets. As we can see, the club has fulfilled its ambitions as its strip dancers can now receive payments from visitors directly.

Initially, the idea was connected with the improvement of Legends Room’s clients. Paying strippers in bitcoin, the club visitors have their bank accounts statements clear. Thus, it is safer both for their careers and private life.

At the same time, this kind of payment permits adult entertainers to dodge inconvenient clarifications with banks concerning the question where they got large sums of cash from.

How does it work?

Notably, to receive fractions of bitcoins from their clients, strippers in Legends Room wear temporal QR tattoos. This allows customers to scan them at any convenient place and carry out payments instantly. In case the client does not have any digital coin, he is free to buy one in the strip club’s crypto ATM.

The idea to accept the "king of all cryptos" has helped Legends Room to engage special target groups as well as investors.