Medical Tourism Boom: Where to Receive Medical Care For Bitcoin

Medical Tourism Boom: Where to Receive Medical Care For Bitcoin

Currently, bitcoin is experiencing an optimistic adoption in various industries. Today, with this cryptocurrency you can pay for goods, services and even real estate. At the same time, bitcoin is becoming more popular among tourists as they use it to cover their expenses in different countries. But what is interesting is that medical tourism is living through a flourishing period right now, and the “Big Daddy” of all cryptocurrencies just can’t stay away.

Bitcoin Weighing in Medical Tourism

For those, who have lived under the rock for the past time, medical tourism is a kind of tourism when people travel to a different country to receive medical care. Very often people from less developed states temporarily move to more advanced nations to obtain high-class medical treatment.

And if you use bitcoin to cover your transportation and living costs, in case of medical tourism, you will also be able to spend your money efficiently as this domain is booming right now and more medical personal becomes more open to innovations in the financial sphere.

For example, every year about 11 million of people try out medical tourism. As Marc Pilkington, the economics professor claims, at the moment this type of travel is worth about $100 billion, and every year it grows by 25% around the globe. So now you can go abroad and pay with your bitcoin for a plethora of treatments:

  • regular health checkup
  • cancer treatment
  • transplantation of organs
  • orthopedic procedures
  • dental procedures
  • cosmetic procedures

You might wonder: “But what indeed drives the development of medical tourism?” And the answer is given by the MedicalTourism Magazine. The media explains that the boom has been provoked by countries’ domestic healthcare and population problems, like lack of access to high-class healthcare services by people, the increase of medical treatment costs, aging population, the rise of devastating diseases and low quality of medical care (waiting time, etc.). Simultaneously, the magazine also names globalization processes as an ease of traveling.

Interestingly, globalization also has led to the fact that now blockchain technology is used by healthcare institutions to provide their patients with their services. Also, they accept bitcoin for payment. And this trend is likely to become even more popular thanks to medical tourists. Forbes contributor Russ Alan Prince stated in his article:

“For a growing percentage of the rich and super-rich and many less wealthy individuals and families, there are distinct advantages of using cryptocurrencies.”

Who Accepts Bitcoin For Payment?

A little bit of searching – and you will find your medical institution or a particular doctor, who will be glad to receive bitcoin for providing medical services to you. To make your life easier, here are some of them.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Edward Domanskis

Newport Beach, California; San Francisco; Miami; Anguilla (US); EU

Dr. Edward Domanskis is a plastic surgeon who accepts bitcoin when you pay for his cosmetic plastic surgeries or procedures. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and focuses on the body and face rehabilitation. His general office is located in Newport Beach, state of California, US. However, you can also reach out to him and branch offices in Anguilla, San Francisco, Miami, and in the European Union.

Explaining his decision to accept bitcoin for payment, Dr. Domanskis said that he wants to be in the hub of technological advancements and widen the payment ways for his patients.

The Columbus Medical Center

Columbus, Georgia (US)

This medical institution became friendly to bitcoin just in September 2017. CPMC now encourages cryptocurrency payments as they are decentralized and cannot be influenced by any states’ authorities or financial establishments.

Ask the Doctor


Ask the Doctor accepts bitcoin since October 2016. It is a healthcare service, based in Canada, which provides people all over the globe with online services.

Vinci Hair Clinic

London (UK)

For more than one year this hair care institution has been providing its clients with an opportunity to pay for their services using bitcoin. Since December 2016 Vinci Hair Clinic, which is based in London, is friendly to bitcoin, just like other similar clinics in Europe.

So as you can see, there are lots of alternatives, thanks to bitcoin. Medical tourism is just one of the industries that seem quite optimistic concerning this cryptocurrency, but there is still more way to go.

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