NSA Surveilled Bitcoiners Since 2013, Snowden Leaks Show

NSA Surveilled Bitcoiners Since 2013, Snowden Leaks Show

Since bitcoin was created, conspiracy theorists couldn’t help but suspect that every move of every person in the crypto ecosystem was a footprint. And it seems they had a point.

According to The US National Security Agency (NSA) report, dated March 2013 and recently released by a known debunker Edward Snowden, crypto users’ actions had been indeed traced very well by the American special service.

Snowden “Whistleblowing” Crypto Users’ Minds

The NSA classified papers appeared to be in the hands of Intercept journalist. The media outlet claims it received the secret report from the world known whistleblower Snowden.

These documents show that NSA had been watching bitcoin users at that time as a top priority.

Moreover, the papers also allude that NSA’s tracking of recordings on BTC’s blockchain was not the only way to surveil bitcoiners. Also, the agency could:

  • analyze worldwide web traffic
  • identify users despite proclaimed pseudonymity of the blockchain
  • gathering such private data of crypto enthusiasts as passwords

And that’s not all. To fully understand the picture of the crypto market, NSA reportedly analyzed bitcoin owners’ internet activity and collected info regarding device identifiers.

How On Earth Did NSA Do it?

As the papers unveil, the American agency had been following BTC owners’ web activity since 2013. That was done with the help of a unique program under the code name made up of seven letters – OAKSTAR.

But the most striking news is that, in accordance with the leaks, American agents can use a “little brother” of this program called MONKEYROCKET. With it, NSA might be able to find out those people who initiate cyber money remittances. Therefore, the special service might be able to get to know who the receivers of BTC are.

Another interesting suggestion is that agents could have utilized a potent worldwide internet tracking system called XKeyScore system.

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