50 Cent Made Millions By Chance as He Accepted Bitcoin For His Album

50 Cent Made Millions By Chance as He Accepted Bitcoin For His Album

Back in 2014, when bitcoin’s value was just $662, famous American rapper 50 Cent (Curtis James Jackson III by birth), was the first celebrity to accept digital money as a reward for his performance. In particular, 50 Cent agreed to receive bitcoin funds for his sixth studio album “Animal Ambition” which came out the same year.

Now, as bitcoin is being traded at approximately $11,000 per unit, 50 Cent’s gains are worth $7 million, according to the show-biz media, TMZ report. Interestingly, performer’s fans could purchase his creation for fractions of the most known cryptocurrency, and 50 Cent got enormous revenues.

Lucky ‘Fifty’

At the beginning of 2017, rapper 50 Cent happily announced that he is not an insolvent anymore, which he claimed to be two years before that. Since the successful recovery, it seems that 50 Cent’s financial state started gaining much significant momentum.

As Complex pointed out, last year summer the rapper sold his $60 share in Effen Vodka, and now it has been unveiled that he made fortunes by jumping on a cyber-money bandwagon some years ago.

‘Hodler’ 50 Cent Got Huge Returns

Referring to own unnamed sources, TMZ reported that ‘Fifty’ gained 700 of BTC units on the whole for the album “Animal Ambition.” If the rapper had sold out all his bitcoins in 2014, when bitcoin’s price was $662, he would have gotten back only $463,400 for his sixth creation. But as media emphasized, the performer, who turns out to be a ‘hodler,’ did not do it. Therefore, by now ‘Fifty’s’ revenues should make up between $7 million and $8.5 million.

It also means that in December 2017, when bitcoin surpassed the margin of $20,000, 50 Cent could have gotten $14 million returns. However, as bitcoin’s price fluctuates, especially downwards for the last time, the rapper might change his ‘hodler’s’ attitude.