Wozniak Says 7 of His Bitcoins Stolen, Explains Why He Sold Most Of BTC Units

Wozniak Says 7 of His Bitcoins Stolen, Explains Why He Sold Most Of BTC Units

Blockchain might not be as secure as media expected. Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, who recently sold out most of his bitcoins, revealed that seven out of his BTC units were taken away by unidentified people.

Losing $75,000 at once

In an interview with Indian media outlet The Economic Times, tech businessperson Wozniak accused fraudsters of stealing his BTC pieces through a garble with online payment. He also stressed that even blockchain is the gist of BTC, there’s no warrant it will withstand scammers.

In particular, Wozniak said:

“Somebody bought them [7 units of BTC] from me online through a credit card, and they canceled the credit card payment."

The businessperson also said that he would never get the cyber coins back as long as the manipulation was carried out from a seized card number.

It is noteworthy that when Wozniak first piled into BTC, each coin was worth around $700. Now, as per Coinmarketcap.com data, one unit is traded at $10,700, the total cost of seven Wozniak’s bitcoins makes up around $74,900.

Why Wozniak bought bitcoins?

In a talk with Indian ET journalist, the American inventor revealed that he actually did not invest in BTC but rather purchased these coins for trial. He believed that one day he could go on a trip or by goods for bitcoin without the need for credit card.

Even though he tried to look for companies online which accepted this cyber currency, Wozniak admitted it was challenging.

Nevertheless, he remains a faithful advocate for crypto money.

In support of bitcoin, Wozniak said BTC is a currency, which is not dominated by officials anyhow. He also added that it could not be modified, whereas it is accurate and true.

But why Apple’s co-founder sold out most of the bitcoins?

Although Wozniak endorses BTC and its ilks, he finally decided to vend all bitcoin units except one for a mere reason: he could not stand the daily price changes that he had to keep up to.

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