Snowden Calls Bitcoin’s Praised Publicity its Drawback

Snowden Calls Bitcoin’s Praised Publicity its Drawback

Bitcoin bulls for long have been praising its central feature – the availability of blockchain for public access. That is the reason why so many tech giants and shipping companies decided to resort to blockchain use for better products tracking and so on.

However, this peculiarity might not be beneficial for bitcoin and its brethren, as known American whistleblower believes. Edward Snowden, who recently took part in an online interview with Peter Van Valkenburgh, the Coin Center head of research, said that public blockchain of cyber money could be misused.

Snowden Warns

Snowden seems to be so cautious about crypto ledger that he even called their publicity devastating in an interview this week, according to Cointelegraph.

In particular, the debunker said:

“The much larger structural flaw, the long-lasting flaw, is its public ledger.”

Snowden emphasized that this problem – the publicity of cryptos – allows governments to control people’s actions more. Therefore, the alternative to bitcoin and its ilks is yet to emerge.

He explained that the humankind needs another development, which would still be applicable in life for lots of people as well as it would be difficult for gov’ts to proclaim them illicit.

Has He Ever Used Cryptos Before?

As Snowden said, notwithstanding the above he “might” have used BTC to purchase server infrastructure around five years ago.

At the same time, he said that he used other cryptos too. For instance, among them, there is Monero, which he affirmed to have used.

He also repeated that he embraces ZCash. The reason for that support, Snowden explained, lies in the fact that this particular coin is the “most interesting” alternative to BTC in the crypto ecosystem and that’s because of its exclusive privacy system.

By the way, earlier one of the media outlets published documents, provided by Snowden, which hint that CIA has been tracking bitcoiners since 2013.