Bitcoin Breaks into The Rap-World Again: Soulja Boy’s New Song About Crypto

Bitcoin Breaks into The Rap-World Again: Soulja Boy’s New Song About Crypto

Soulja Boy, a 28-year-old American rapper and entrepreneur released a song merely called «Bitcoin.» The song is a part of his recent album “Young Drako,» and it has already spurred discussions in the crypto-realm.

Boasts About Owning BTC

The American rapper DeAndre Cortez Way, who performs under the pseudonym Soulja Boy and is mostly known for his debut audio piece «Crank That,» perhaps, decided to let the whole world know that he «hodles» some cyber-coins. On October 4, the performer dropped his novel album «Young Drako,» comprising the digital asset-song. 

Even though there has been no evidence that Soulja Boy indeed owns some bitcoins (and litecoins too), the performer shows off in the song that he has (somehow) made $1 million off of BTC units. According to the lyrics, that allegedly happened after he purchased some bitcoins at a price of $6,000.

DeAndre Cortez Way also mentions pays «bands» using cyber-coins and that he carries out transactions via the Cash App and PayPal. Moreover, he references even LTC units giving no further details on possessing them though. 

Bitcoin is Conquering The Showbiz

Soulja Boy is one of the latest rap-industry representatives who referred to bitcoin and its brethren in their audio pieces. 

Among other performers, who keep an eye on cryptos and who have ever got involved with crypto-projects or events are Snoop Dogg, Mims, and 3lau. Interestingly, the rap-mogul Eminem released a novel album «Kamikaze,» which includes a “Not Alike» with reference to bitcoin. Royce Da 5’9’, who is featured in the Eminem’s song, raps «everybody doing bitcoin.»

The most hubbub, seemingly, was made when TMZ reported rapper 50 Cent allegedly made $7 million off of bitcoin as he earlier allowed fans to purchase one of his albums for this digital currency. Later «Fifty» dispelled the rumours, confirming that he did not regret them, though.

But it is not only cryptos which attract the rap-caste of the music industry. Rapper Pitbull once promised to invest into a blockchain solution for showbiz. 

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