Tim Draper Predicts Bitcoin Will Cost Quarter of A Million In Four Years

Tim Draper Predicts Bitcoin Will Cost Quarter of A Million In Four Years

As between April 12 and April, 13 bitcoin saw a sharp increase of over $900, it is no wonder that more BTC bulls will come out with their suggestions regarding its potential price.

Among them, there is a venture capital mogul and a billionaire Tim Draper. Draper, known for supporting “the king of all cryptos” predicted that this coin would reach the rate of $250,000 in four months.

Draper Getting Even More Bullish on Bitcoin

Taking the floor at the Blockchain event, which took place on April 12 at Draper University in San Mateo, owned by Draper himself, the investment tycoon claimed that by 2022 bitcoin’s price will surge to as high as the quarter a million dollars per unit.

During his speech in California, Draper also said to everybody present at the event that they should “believe” that the potential skyrocketing of BTC is more than real.

Being as some kind of a showman, Draper took out an object that he labeled a “crystal ball,” and, using it, predicted the following:

“I’m thinking $250,000 a Bitcoin by 2022.”

Continuing the show, he added some mantra, saying that other people will say that his audience members are mad. Nevertheless, they should believe in his forecast.

Draper also went on to inviting a music band onto a stage, and altogether with its participants, sang a song, including lyrics “I’m a bitcoin hustle.”

The throng, however, appeared to be reluctant to cheering Draper’s exclamations.

Can Draper Have a Point?

Despite this, the venture capitalist’s suggestions indeed might have some grains of truth.

If we take a look at how bitcoin’s prices soared since 2014, when each piece was traded at less than $320, to what BTC showcases now, it may all make sense. Moreover, in 2014 Draper himself predicted that by 2017 the price of BTC would surpass the margin of $10,000 per unit, and it did.

It is interesting that billionaire’s son Adam appeared to be among online commentators, praising Draper’s words. Adam Draper, who is also a venture capitalist called his father a legendary person for coming out in front of people with $250,000 BTC-predictions.

By the way, Draper is not the only individual, who gave out optimistic suggestions concerning bitcoin this week. Another famous BTC bull, the co-constitutor of Fundstrat Global Advisors Thomas Lee, in his turn, claimed that the coin would reach the skies of $25,000 before 2019 comes.

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