Only $1 Per Unit: Walmart Starts Selling Bitcoins

Only $1 Per Unit: Walmart Starts Selling Bitcoins

This year has not been the best for bitcoin. Since mid-December 2017 when BTC reached its historical peak of $20,000, the coin began to plummet gradually, when finally its price «established» between $6,500 and $7,500. Nevertheless, bitcoin bears keep expecting the coin to drop below its monthly low of $6,200. 

This week, crypto-critics’ dreams seemingly have come true as Walmart started marketing bitcoins for only $1. And no, it’s not the post selloff price that you thought about, and no, Walmart has not re-qualified into a crypto trading venue.

Kids Want Bitcoin Too

Yes, Walmart is selling bitcoins, and they are physical. However, they have nothing to do with real bitcoin apart from sharing the same name. The coins being sold are made of chocolate and might become a hot pie among children. 

Formally, the choco-bitcoins are called Frankford bitcoins, according to the TechCrunch report. Now, in the Walmart chain stores, one can purchase a one-dollar and 40-gram milk chocolate packaged in gold-coloured foil.

The novel chocolate coins do not differ from other pieces of chocolate coin-brethren apart from the fact that they have the same name as the first and most valuable cyber-coin in the entire world. 

The manufacturer of chocolate «assets» is a relatively old Philadelphia-based company, Frankford Candy. This business has been on the market since 1947, and it seems to be the first company which saw a marketing opportunity in the ascent of digital money.

In fact, chocolate bitcoins appear to be a much more affordable investment (into happiness, apparently), as one such coin is $6,300 lesser than the actual one. As of writing, the decentralized electronic bitcoin costs $6,334 as per data represented on By the way, last year December the real bitcoin was 65% more valuable than it is at present.

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