Weiss Ratings Tells It’s Time to Invest in BTC, Google Unveils Bitcoin Trends

Weiss Ratings Tells It’s Time to Invest in BTC, Google Unveils Bitcoin Trends

As bitcoin barely manages to stay afloat, with its price being below $3,450, it might be the best time to invest in it. Recently, the independent rating agency Weiss Ratings posted a tweet, which said low levels make bitcoin the best buying opportunity of the year.

This makes bitcoin a hot pie (what it has always been compared to altcoins). Another proof is that Google’s Year in Search has shown that the question «what is bitcoin» has been the most popular among «what is» questions in 2018.

Time to Pile in BTC

This year March Weiss Ratings named five best cyber-coins for investment. Not surprisingly, the list was topped by a B-rated bitcoin. Previously, the same agency rated bitcoin C+, pushing it behind B-rated Ether. This move sparked online disputes and even cyber-attack.

Now Weiss Ratings is pushing for investing in bitcoin. On December 11, on the agency’s account on Twitter the following message appeared:

On that day, bitcoin’s price was around $3,500. As of writing, the «big daddy» is being traded at $3,426. Since last year’s highs bitcoin has been low by 80%. Bitcoin’s price has been lowering since mid-November when its down-passed the threshold of $5,000.

Google Tells About BTC

Another interesting news is that in 2018 «what is bitcoin» has been the most popular «what is» type of a question on Google’s search engine. Such queries have been top both in the UK and the US. Also, people were wondering what bitcoin is in such countries as Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Australia. This is the data presented in Google’s Year in Search compilation:

Google's Year in Search

Apple Names Top Apps — Crypto-Apps Are There

California tech titan Apple has recently published its 2018 list of most pop popular apps. Cash App, a platform that supports BTC developed by Square, appeared to be among top-20 free iPhone apps (17th position). This week this app also overperformed PayPal on Apple’s app store. Among crypto-apps, Coinbase’s one has been the most popular, as usual.