Apple Taboos Crypto-Mining on its Users’ Devices

Apple Taboos Crypto-Mining on its Users’ Devices

Apple doesn’t want its users to mine cryptos on their iPhones and iPads. The reason is that mining can negatively influence the device’s battery and lead to the heat up of the smartphone.

In particular, the technological titan has renewed its guidelines for developers in which it bars iPhones from being used for mining such cryptos like bitcoin.

Apple’s Getting Stricter

According to the information on Apple's website, now the company bans mobile applications which:

  • discharge battery
  • produce extreme heat
  • create a needless load for the phone

Among apps which make such damage is, apparently, bitcoin mining.

Apple has made it clear that even the ads run by third parties should not execute any separate background processes like cyber-coins mining.

But Is It Real?

Indeed, there is a very low possibility that a person could successfully generate virtual coins using his or her Apple mobile device alone due to the computing power that is usually necessary for that.

However, the company’s actions can prevent the use of people’s iPhones and iPads from being used by third parties which use several devices at a time for it. By the way, such actors usually try to mine less energy-intensive cryptos, so at some point it is real.

Initially, Apple’s instructions regarding crypto-mining were released four years ago. It took place after the app store removed Coinbase and other crypto-related apps from its list. The move was explained by “unresolved issue,” as previously Apple Insider informed.

According to CNBC, lots of apps on the iOS store require let people generate coins using power from their gadgets. Among them, there are "Crypto Coin Miner" and "Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining.” The last one, by the way, claims it helps users earn money and cryptos with no serious investment.