Blockchain Engineers Make As Much As AI Specialists

Blockchain Engineers Make As Much As AI Specialists

Engineers working in the blockchain domain are as demanded as those who work on artificial intelligence. Such a conclusion can be made from the statistics which show that unaltered ledger engineers are rewarded as generously as AI engineers, and that’s much more than their counterparts in other fields. 

The Value of Cryptos Plummets But Not The Demand For DLT Engineers

For the past year, the value of the total crypto market cap has insensibly been going down. However, the same cannot be said regarding the demand for distributed ledger specialists. According to data presented by CNBC with reference to Hired, blockchain engineers on average earn $150,000-$175,000. 

Hired, a firm, headquartered in San Francisco, assists customers in hiring tech specialists. It also puts together statistics from data which its services collect. The recent compilation has shown that blockchain specialists gain more than average software engineers, whose average salary makes up around $135,000. Hired noted that engineers who work on DLT areas demanded as those who focus on AI, as well as that their salaries are much higher than of others. 

CNBC highlights that the popularity of blockchain engineers among employers have increased once major businesses started to elaborate on projects, which involve DLT. Among the recent adopters of blockchain projects, and, thus, employers of unaltered ledger engineers, are Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM. 

The top exec of Hired, Mehul Patel, claimed there is «a ton of demand» for distributed ledgers. However, he noted, there are not many specialists in DLT, that’s why their wages are high. 

As the media outlet points out, the specialization of blockchain engineers are pretty wide, to take a handful of examples: 

  • Systems engineer
  • Back-end engineer
  • Solutions architect

At the same time, DLT engineers are expected to know:

  • database design
  • networking
  • cryptography computing skills

When it comes to coding, blockchain engineers have to work with such languages as C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Solidity, Go, and others.