Blockchain For "Honest" Marketing

Blockchain For "Honest" Marketing

The AdEx team creates a new generation of online advertising based on the blockchain technology.

AdEx is an advertising exchange, the transactions within which will be carried out using smart contracts that protect advertisers, publishers, and users from fraud, unacceptable advertising and the use of confidential data.

We are confident that we can provide advertisers and webmasters a platform that is safe, transparent and profitable for all parties involved in the advertising market, including ordinary users. Our experience in software development, the blockchain, cryptography, video-streaming and online advertising gives us confidence that we will be able to create an advertising exchange that will surpass all existing solutions in the world.

Thanks to the blockchain, the advertiser will be able to receive reliable, verified statistics about advertising displays. The exact targeting and relevance of the ads themselves are provided by users: on the personal page of the AdEx profile, they manage the advertisement and see only that content that fits their interests.

The project proposes to provide the most fine-tuning of targeting - up to, say, the maximum amount that a particular user is willing to spend on travel to a certain place (if it is a question of travel lovers and relevant advertising).

As for advertising sites, they get all the power over the content that appears on their pages. In particular, they will have the opportunity to accept or reject the advertiser's bid. This is especially important when the site pays much attention to its reputation and to accurately track the advertising that is shown to users.

We strive to change the existing landscape of online-advertising and solve the important problems that exist in it: fraud in the advertising sphere, the issue of privacy and consent to receive advertising messages and the use of ad blockers.

Information Source: AdEx