Blockchain ID For Travelers

Blockchain ID For Travelers

The World Economic Forum (WEF), held this year from January 23 to 26, is pleased with exciting results. One of the most unexpected announcements this year was made by representatives of Canada. Marc Granault, Transport Minister of Canada, announced that Canada would develop an ID for travel based on blockchain technology.

The Known Traveler Digital Identity system will allow travelers to digitize and share their travel documents in advance with airlines, security staff, border authorities and others with the goal of improving security and efficiency at each step of the journey.

The Government of Canada is already working with Accenture to develop a digital passport for travel. A new form of ID is created so that travelers can effectively manage their data: a blockchain-based solution will allow citizens to pass document checks in advance, using biometric and cryptographic technologies, as well as blockchain technology.

For citizens, the decision will be tantamount to simplifying the movement around the world, the ministry believes. At the moment, airports in the world have an essential function to control passengers. The new identification system will reduce the time spent at the airport, and will make the whole process more efficient, at least, the creators of the project count on. To use this tool, passengers will need to provide their biometric, biographical and other personal data, which will be stored in the locker.

Minister Garno comments on the announcement as follows:

Innovation is the key to strengthening the competitiveness of the global market, mobility, and productivity. With effective use, the achievement of technological progress can contribute to increasing public safety and protection, with greater efficiency and greater convenience for passengers.

Information Source: Coindesk