Blockchain in the E-Sports Industry

Blockchain in the E-Sports Industry

The e-sports project Eloplay in its blog announced the integration of blockchain-based solutions into the work of its platform. The statement of the project team underscores the growing attractiveness of the blockchain for the whole e-sports industry.

Various online casinos and e-sports platforms are happy to take advantage of the opportunities that blockchain technology offers to them. Some of them conduct ICO to receive funds for further development. A number of experts believe that the e-sports market will undergo mass tokenization and the introduction of smart contracts in the future. There are also more bold assumptions, according to which customization and purchase of games in the future will be carried out exclusively for cryptocurrencies.

One example of such platforms is, which has been operating for more than a year. On it, users can play, compete with each other and win rewards. So far, only Dota 2 is available from all games, but in the future, the administration intends to add Counter Strike: Global Offensive, FIFA 18, Hearthstone, League of Legends and Call of Duty. 

Another platform - - recently conducted an ICO and in late 2017 plans to release a beta version of its product. It will implement smart contracts for each match, betting functionality, as well as artificial intelligence, which will confirm the fact of winning a particular team. Over time, the same system will be used for ban cheaters. The set of games on it is identical to that offered on FirstBlood. 

Finally, mentioned above has existed for more than two years, but only now decided to introduce decentralized technologies into its work. The project team developed so-called "smart tournaments", which in fact are regular tournaments with decentralized prize pools. These funds are collected by the players or sponsors of the tournament (in this case participation in the competition for players is free). Among the other options available after the implementation of the block-functional options are bets, game statistics and advertising. Eloplay offers users to play approximately the same games like the above-mentioned sites: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Dota 2 and others.

Decentralized future of e-sports  

There are other projects implement blockchain solutions in the e-sports industry: some offer a unique token to purchase skins on the Internet, others focus on the gambling side of the industry and provide "advanced" betting options.

Unlike banking, logistics, security systems and other branches of the economy, where the technology of blockchain has not yet found full application, the industry of e-sports seems to be happy to make innovative decisions. 

As more projects integrate decentralized elements into their platforms, the mass tokenization of the e-sports industry can only be a matter of a short time.

Information Source: Eloplay