IBM, Alibaba or Bank of America? Here’s Who Filed The Most Blockchain Patents

IBM, Alibaba or Bank of America? Here’s Who Filed The Most Blockchain Patents

DLT has become a cornerstone of a rivalry between prima tech and financial titans, IBM, Alibaba, and Bank of America. Two companies are fighting for the right to make it to the top of the blockchain-patent-filing list. 

As per the information, provided by iPR, the media which focuses on intellectual property, Alibaba is topping the ranking, whereas IBM is getting closer to it. 

Which Company is The Most Blockchain-Active Patent Applicant?

iPR reported on August 31 that it collected data regarding blockchain-related patents in China, the U.S., the EU, South Korea and Japan. 

This data has shown that China-headquartered Alibaba e-commerce giant has filed 90 DLT-related patent applications. In the meantime, IBM, the U.S.-based shipping company, has filed 89. 

Further on the list got placed MasterCard. As of writing it has made 80 applications for DLT-patents. Bank of America — that institution which barred users from buying cryptos with credit cards in early 2018 — filed 53. 

The latter is followed by People's Bank of China (PBoC), which can boast about 44 applications. All of them are related to its project of a cyber-coin emitted by a central bank.

So here’s how the list looks like:

  • Alibaba — 90 applications
  • IBM — 89 applications
  • MasterCard — 80 applications
  • Bank of America — 53 applications
  • People's Bank of China (PBoC) — 44 applications

China Is a Total Leader

Earlier WIPO showcased that China was the state which filed the most applications related to DLT developments in 2017. It had 255 applications for patents, while the U.S. had only 91 and Australia 13.

It is noteworthy that China’s struggles on the blockchain field are coming against the background of the hardline stance of China’s gov't. Last year September it banned ICOs and later shut down digital money trading venues. Recently, the pressure on cryptos in the country has intensified.