Blockchain Technology To Be Tested In Porsche Panamera

Blockchain Technology To Be Tested In Porsche Panamera

German automaker Porsche in cooperation with the Berlin start-up XAIN has begun testing the technology of blockchain in Porsche Panamera cars. The technology is implemented in the program mechanisms of locking and unlocking the vehicle locks, which now take place in 1.6 seconds (that is six times faster), authorization of temporary access (for example, to provide the car for use by another person) and in new business models based on writing encrypted data. Subsequently, technology can also come in handy in developing the idea of ​​autonomous vehicles.

We can apply blockchain technology for faster and more secure data transfer, ensuring our customers no future worries, for example, when charging or parking, the need to deliver a parcel or temporarily transfer the car to another person. We translate innovation technology into direct benefits for our customers.

- said Porsche financial strategist Oliver Döring.

Recall that as early as September 2017, Ernst & Young launched the Tesseract project to manage the fleet of autonomous vehicles. The developed integrated platform should provide the digital accounting of cars and trips by blockchain technology, as well as simplify the joint use of the property.

The XAIN startup won the Porsche Innovation Contest in the summer of 2017, beating 100 other participants and gaining the right to work with Porsche employees three months to develop and test applications.

Information Source: Porsche