Blockchain To Make Life Easier for Gaming Investors

Blockchain To Make Life Easier for Gaming Investors

Gaming has always been popular as it brings out the fervor of rivalry and zeal. Nowadays it is even possible to earn gains in the enlarging worldwide gaming industry thanks to the blockchain. For example, that is what the project Game Machine suggests.

Game Machine claims to have more than 500 million mined tokens. But what is more important, the project allows investors access the crowd funding platform, which provides gamers with analytics and the possibility of establishing priorities with the help clear blockchain operations.

Challenging Times in The Gaming Industry?

According to the release, published on CCN, there is a vast lack of good performance in the space of gaming. The reason for this could be the bugs of the current system. Even though the gaming market expands, its ecosystem is not ideal yet.

The system does not facilitate the casual working atmosphere, which leads to the separation of gamers and other participants of the system (developers, investors, etc.), who work only in their own interests. Therefore, the gaming industry faces losses and suffers because of the limited resources.


To solve this problem, the project Game Machine decided to establish such a climate, in which anybody could be connected to the platform, working openly and benefiting from the fast and transparent communion with the other participants, like gamers and investors. For that, the project adopted the blockchain technology.

Moreover, the project offers unique options to those, who want to pile into the gaming industry. For instance, some of the investors could gain bonuses. Game Machine also promises to invite them to events to receive discounts and obtain a fraction of tokens. All of this, according to the project’s information, will become the reality thanks to the launch of the Proof-of-Authority protocol. Currently, the project is conducting its token sale, which will end before February.