Blockchain To Use In The USE

Blockchain To Use In The USE

Breakthrough technologies, including cloud technologies and blockchain system, will be applied to the USE. The head of Rosoboradzor Sergei Kravtsov announced this at an international conference on the development of final exams.

Blockchain technology will enable you to safely store any data, including information about the individual achievements of each student. The built-in registry cannot be hacked, modified, deleted. Thus, the safety of this data will be guaranteed.

In the USE there will be tasks for which you will need to use the resources of the Internet and electronic content, also, the examination can include conducting a virtual experiment or simulating a specific situation.

According to Kravtsov, the introduction of new technologies in the mechanism of the USE will help to weaken the control measures that are presently on the exam, making them unnecessary, since it completely excludes the possibility of human interference, any leaks and makes all sorts of cheat sheets pointless.

The use of blockchain technologies in the educational sphere is gaining popularity all over the world. As previously reported, the University of Melbourne is testing a mobile system for the release and storage of education data by a blockade. Malta also plans to launch the same technology to account for education data.

According to some information, Russians can also transfer diplomas and workbooks to the blockchain.

Information Source: Bitnovosti