Brazilian University Sets Off a Master’s Programme in Crypto-Finance

Brazilian University Sets Off a Master’s Programme in Crypto-Finance

Cryptocurrency is a phenomenon that cannot be left aside without any consideration or thorough study. Higher educational institutions, realizing how cryptos can change the existing world, have been launching programmes for students to study cyber assets.

Now the good news is there to cheer up crypto-enthusiasts in Brazil as a university in the most populated city São Paolo there is about to set off a studying programme in crypto-finance. Most importantly, it is going to be the first Master’s programme in the country, related to virtual money.

Bitcoiners Should Get Ready For School

Next studying semester, a significant educational institution Fundacao Getulio Vargas is going to start preparing specialists in the field of cryptos and blockchain. According to Estadão, the university claims to be the first in Brazil to provide a course on digital assets on the graduate level.

Ricardo Rochman, the coordinator of the crypto-finance programme at FGV, says it’s the miss of qualified people in the niche that has driven the university to launch the course:

“It is a market with a profound lack of people with expertise. Cryptofinance has economic and financial fundamentals that are worth discussing, researching, and [being] taught.”

The organizers of the course aim at producing students who will be able to encounter challenges in the crypto-world, work for blockchain-startups and develop their own cyber-currencies.

However, the launch of this Master’s programme has not been a surprise inside FGV. This semester there has already been offered a course for students majoring in economics.

Michele Araujo, a 26-year-old student, who has got a chance to pass this additional course, says the following:

“There is a conceptual gain of knowing both the practical applications of the technology and cryptocurrency as an alternative investment.”

According to the organizers of the course, it is there to help students understand what is beneficial and what is not when it comes to cyber-assets.

Students in Brazil Are Eager To Deal With Cryptos

As per the local media outlet information, students in this country have already started taking steps toward obtaining relevant knowledge and skills for succeeding in the crypto-ecosystem. In particular, a group of Brazilian classmen set off the Blockchain Insper, what is called a compound of a junior company as well as a study group.

Actually, this project was launched more than half a year ago by two economics students Juan Perpetuo and Felipe Santos. They said that they thought there was no point in starting something on their own, so they needed to create a platform which would help to unite people’s ideas in the niche. Santos explained:

“We thought we could create a hub that facilitates entry for all students and has a bias of innovation that sets us apart from a junior company.”

Currently, the project includes 23 members. All of them are divided into teams that study and research fintech as well as business. Blockchain Insper claims to have settled collaboration with several companies, which function in the crypto-ecosystem. These five companies provide counseling to students, involved in the work of the project.

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