Bulgaria Launches One of the First Blockchain Master’s in Europe

Bulgaria Launches One of the First Blockchain Master’s in Europe

As the hype over blockchain does not abate, more industries embrace this tech trend (or plan to do so). The adoption of DLT is sprawling to such spheres as medicine, administrative work, governance, shipment, and so on. Moreover, the late-August data shows that top e-commerce, technology and financial companies compete in the race of filing blockchain-related patents. Among them, notably, there are Chinese Alibaba, New York-based IBM and Bank of America.

Therefore, the demand for blockchain-specialists grows exponentially. Fortunately for DLT-oriented companies, universities all over the world start considering the launch of field-related courses. One of them os the VUZF University in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Bulgaria Opens One of The First MA in Blockchain in Europe

The University of Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship (VUZF) in Sofia, Bulgaria, launches one of the first Master’s degrees related to Blockchain in Europe. According to the university’s press release, the MA programme in Business and Digital Transformation/Blockchain Innovations will be available for students of almost all walks of life with obtained Bachelor degree. It will suit those who aspire to become entrepreneurs in the realm of DLT projects. Furthermore, the programme does not even require the knowledge in coding as it focuses on business.   

«The course is very suitable for everyone who wishes to obtain deep knowledge on this new and vital technology and to become a desired employee in the technology world or, as an entrepreneur, to develop products and services based on this new trend,» explains the University in Bulgaria.

Overall, the programme will be helpful for those who want to master:

  • implementation
  • consultancy
  • sales
  • strategic management 

…of projects related to blockchain products and services. 

The VUZF University is a private educational establishment in Bulgaria which offers various bachelor and master’s programmes in Finance, Marketing, International Relations, Human Resources, and so on, delivered in English. The novel blockchain programme is expected to be high-quality as different blockchain courses will be read by experienced top managers who are among technology toffs.

It will also be affordable to many students, as the University points out, the tuition fees are quite competitive when compared with other European DLT study programmes. But most importantly, the University even offers scholarships and deferred payment options for this programme.

It is not the first time a university launches either crypto or blockchain-related studying programme. There is already an institution in Greece welcoming crypto-oriented students, and one in Brazil which will focus on crypto-finance.