Online Dating With AI: DateCoin Project Goes To ICO

Online Dating With AI: DateCoin Project Goes To ICO

The DateCoin service was presented at the international exhibition IFX EXPO ASIA 2018 in Hong Kong. It gathered more than 2200 ETH in the framework of the presale at the end of last year. CEO of the project Nikita Anufriev told about how his team plans to change the industry of online dating.

The DTC token of ERC20 standard has a built-in mechanics of cost growth due to the support of a large number of users. According to the project roadmap, by 2020 the service should have more than 12 million users.

Within the framework of the presale, more than two thousand people believed in our project. Together shortly, we can make the revolution in the field of dating, creating a fundamentally new, revolutionary online dating service that would combine advanced technologies and our rich experience in this industry.

According to the forecasts of the project team, in four years more than one million users of the dating-service will buy a token on the exchange to pay for additional functionality. Thus, the DateCoin token will be in constant demand even after the ICO, which will positively affect its exchange rate, and indirectly will popularize the technology of blockchain as a whole.

Moreover, according to Anufriev, the increase in the value of the coin will also be provided through a system of coin redemption.

Experts say, the total volume of the world market of online dating is more than $5 billion, next year it will exceed $6 billion. Almost a quarter of the world's inhabitants used day-and-day services at least once in their lives, and 7% interact with them.

Anufriev notes that the existing dating-services have a lot of problems that prevent them from fulfilling their primary function: to produce the result that best meets the search criteria.

Today, visitors of online dating sites spend most of their time wasted. Even having formulated an explicit request, it is challenging to get an adequate answer to it. In parallel, people are offered to pay something. Another problem is the significant number of fake accounts. All these issues lie on the surface, but they have not yet been solved.

DateCoin promises to change the industry of the dating, using artificial intelligence and using the technology of processing large data. A specially developed system will analyze the user's tastes and preferences and pick up precisely those questionnaires that, with a probability close to 100%, will suit him. Already today anyone can install this service on their phone by downloading the application from the AppStore or GooglePlay and evaluate it.

The main stage of the ICO project will start in March 2018.

Information Source: DateCoin