DigRate Created A "Weapon" For Investors

DigRate Created A "Weapon" For Investors

Fraudulent projects, stolen tokens and unscrupulous organizers - such problems that are often found in the ICO world. And if earlier the ICO risk assessment was done by sophisticated analysts, now everyone can do it!

The Russian rating agency for the valuation of digital assets DigRate has created an automated SWOT-analysis to assess the initial coin offering. The tool allows any user to independently predict the risks of a particular project based on the necessary information - the name of the project and its site. A simple interface and working principle open a professional assessment to investors of any skill.

SWOT analysis can be used not only by potential investors but also by the owners of projects that go to the ICO. It is useful to look at oneself from the outside, get an objective evaluation from an impartial algorithm.

- says the founder of Digital Rating agency Arseniy Polyakov.

Analysis from DigRate allows you to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the project, as well as to see the overall outlook for ICO by accumulating all available information in one place. The finished SWOT-analysis will be published on the website of DigRate, and they can be shared in social networks, which allows the good soul to save other users from joining the scam-project.

The development of the SWOT-analysis was conducted according to the methods used by the agency in compiling its analyzes and ratings. And, of course, according to well-known business practices used in the professional assessment of investments in start-ups. The tool allows investigating the investment attractiveness of the project and its Quality Rate (probability of fraudulent nature).

In January, the agency has already verified two projects: Scorum and Eticket 4. And it is entirely possible that their development will be useful to a much wider audience. Earlier, in the fall of 2017, the Russian Innovation Support Fund suggested that the Ministry of Economy involve the rating agencies in assessing the projects coming to ICO.

Information Source: DigRate