Dubai Will Be A World's Capital City

Dubai Will Be A World's Capital City

Dubai got a new title - "Smart City 2017". The award was received at the Global Smart City Awards. The annual rating in Barcelona is already the 7th in a row. The main task : to recognize innovative ideas, as well as implemented initiatives of numerous projects in the field of innovation.

Sheikh Hamdan (crowned prince) last year launched his own strategy - Dubai Blockchain. In fact, the city development plan was very serious. There was a desire to develop a government based on the help of a detachment.

The local authority of Dubai very much hopes that the decentralized technology, which lies within the framework of the blockade, will help get rid of numerous hacker attacks that will increase the efficiency of the system as a whole.

As explained by Smart Dubai CEO Aisha Bint Buti bin Bischer at the Unlock Blockchain Forum:

The applications are in various fields, some of them are in RTA, road and transport, some of them are in energy, health and education. These 20-use cases are under pilot, and we are looking forward to see the results so we can scale it.

The city will receive new economic opportunities. Think for the next year can become a global technological leader in the whole world!

How does the development strategy work?

To do this, we consider three most important questions:

  • The efficiency of the government as a whole. All documentation of the city government must be turned into digital format. Thus, there will be a significant saving in monetary + raw materials resources. Documentation processing is much faster;
  • Continuation of the development of a separate industry that will allow people to create their own enterprise together;
  • The opening of the blockchain-platform in Dubai will significantly improve the level of comfort for every tourist in the city, as well as its security.

The award received is nothing but Dubai's total dominance in the blockchain market. This is the world capital of the blockchain, which continues to progress, to introduce innovative technologies.

Information Source: Bitcoinist