Facebook Has Opened 5 Blockchain-Related Vacancies

Facebook Has Opened 5 Blockchain-Related Vacancies

More than half a year ago social media titan Facebook set up a blockchain group to explore how to employ this technology to the maximum advantage of the company. David Marcus, former head of Facebook’s Messenger was invited to lead the unaltered ledger group. Now, the company has announced a call for five blockchain-related jobs. Meantime, Facebook’s intentions regarding DLT remain secret.

Jobs for Blockchain-Know-Alls at Facebook

Facebook has five vacancies for DLT savvies at its headquarters at California’s Menlo Park. The social media giant is looking for distributed ledger specialists in software engineering, data science, and marketing.

More About Vacancies

Facebook is hiring two software engineers who could create platforms which can «scale through multiple orders of magnitude.»

Regarding data-oriented vacancies, the company is looking for two specialists too: a data scientist and a data engineer. Each of them has to have a quantitative analysis expertise, as well as be able to build «models of user behaviours for analysis or to power production systems,” and make product decisions. 

The company also seeks a product marketing lead who will establish and control a novel product marketing crew. The latter will concentrate on studying the benefits DLT can bring. 

What is Known About Blockchain Project?

Also, in the advertisements, it was said that the DLT department has been created as a startup in the frames of a firm. Its goal is to make unaltered ledger fiction at the scale at Facebook as a company. 

The company’s ambitions regarding DLT have not been clarified publicly, but advertisements on the Facebook’s career page say that the final objective is to assist people in accessing «things they don’t have now.» The texts also implied that the technology could be applied for:

  • equitable financial services
  • Novel methods for saving
  • Novel methods for spreading info