IBM: New Service For Building Up Blockchain On Top To Emerge Soon

IBM: New Service For Building Up Blockchain On Top To Emerge Soon

The American global tech company IBM has been known for being supportive towards various blockchain projects.

This time, IBM revealed another public ledger service, with the help of which startups, as well as devs, will be able to create innovative blockchain projects.

IBM’s New Blockchain-Based Offer

According to CNBC, the upcoming product is believed to be quite affordable from the financial point of view. However, the price for the release remained uncertain.

Newcomers Benefiting

Not likewise most of the blockchain-based developments, this one permits only a limited number of proxy parties to access it. This is the distributed ledger called “permissioned.” At present, IBM’s new plan is in beta testing mode. Therefore, devs can use it free of charge for the commercial running.

Marie Wieck, the general manager of IBM Blockchain, said that this blueprint is ideal for projects at an early stage of creation and for those who want to utilize IBM blockchain platform to build up their solutions. By the way, according to her words, this platform can boast with more than 250 working ledger nets.

Aiding in Making Money?

Furthermore, IBM announced that it is launching a new service also for another purpose: to assist young companies in studying their own blockchain apps as well as in gaining earnings out of them.

Embracing Blockchain, But Not Cryptos

Answering the question concerning IBM’s sympathy towards either blockchain or cyber assets, Wieck emphasized that the company is concentrated on ledgers rather than on the idea of virtual money, built on the blockchain. The reason is straightforward: distributed ledgers permit new business patterns to emerge, according to her words.

By the way, earlier, IBM collaborated with Stellar (digital money startup) and KlickEx (online bourse) to create a platform for financial institutions to settle transactions quickly and transparently.