No Use Of Blockchain If It Doesn’t Make The World Greener, Jack Ma Says

No Use Of Blockchain If It Doesn’t Make The World Greener, Jack Ma Says

Jack Ma, who is to leave the position of Alibaba’s chairman next year, has spoken with the regard to DLT again. The charismatic founding father of the Chinese e-commerce giant has said blockchain is yet to prove it can help develop people in a «greener and more inclusive» way. Ma dedicated his words not only to DLT but to other emerging tech trends as well. 

No Greener Future — No Use Of Blockchain

This week, on September 17, Jack Ma took the floor at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in China. There, as cnBeta informs, he spoke about difficulties related to the coming of AI and the advancement of blockchain and IoT. The Alibaba’s «father» named the modern period «data age,» and named it a principal chance for producers to improve the state. 

He went on to say, however, that DLT and IoT would be senseless if they cannot boost the modification of the manufacturing and support the society in its efforts to establish greener and more inclusive life.  

Ma Does Support DLT

There have been many disputes regarding the hype over blockchain. It has been argued that DLT might even be a «bubble,» especially, when it comes to digital money. But Jack Ma made himself clear stating he does not believe blockchain is such (not likewise bitcoin, though). On the contrary, he underscored DLT has the potential to resolve the issues of data privacy and people’s security at various stages. 

Alibaba & Blockchain

Interestingly, it is Jack Ma’s Alibaba which has been spotted registering nearly a hundred of blockchain-related patents, leaving such giants like IBM and Bank of America behind. According to data, presented by iPR, Alibaba has filed 90 DLT patents so far. 

In the meantime, Jack Ma is getting ready to retire from Alibaba. His net worth, as Forbes states, is $36.9 billion and he is considered one of the most influential figures in the e-commerce industry. 

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