Japanese Electric Giant Tests Blockchain and Lightning Network for Charging Electric Cars

Japanese Electric Giant Tests Blockchain and Lightning Network for Charging Electric Cars

The Japanese electric power giant has decided to take on a challenge of using blockchain and the acclaimed scalability solution Lightning Network in the industry of electric cars, as per TechCrunch Japan info.

Changing The Attitude Towards Charging

In particular, The Chubu Electric Power intends to explore blockchain as a tech trend which could register the charging of them, whereas the Lightning Network is expected to be used for conducting payments for the charging.

To achieve this goal, the Japanese electric power firm has collaborated with Nayuta as well as Infoteria. The first one is known as an IoT startup, while the second is a software firm.

However, blockchain is to be tested for recording not only charging of eco transports but also for plug-in hybrids.

How Will It Work?

The Chubu Electric Power has a plan to create a novel kind of “collective housing.” It is anticipated to comprise an electric vehicle charging detail.

To elaborate this idea, the Japanese electric titan decided to carry out experiments on:

  • the blockchain level
  • the Lightning level (which is another layer on top of the blockchain and is there to solve the scalability issue)

As The Denki Shimbun reports, Nayuta has developed a charging outlet, reconcilable with the blockchain. In its turn, Infoteria focused on creating a unique mobile app. Therefore, theoretically, customers will be able to look through the records of electric car charges the way they were registered on the blockchain.

By the way, the LT has been installed in various other ways, but Nayuta is utilizing its own development to test micropayments for electric cars and their brethren.

Housing Opportunities

What makes this project beneficial is that its implementation costs a low. For instance, as Japanese media outlets emphasize, this allows possessors of electric cars or their ilks to establish a charging system in their housing thanks to the development.