JPMorgan: Investors Should Keep an Eye on These DLT-Friendly Companies

JPMorgan: Investors Should Keep an Eye on These DLT-Friendly Companies

If you are an investor, it might still be challenging for you to get exposed to DLT, unless, for sure, you are purchasing bitcoin. To ease the life of its clients, the American financial entity and investment bank J.P. Morgan Chase listed three public companies which might benefit from blockchain in a long-run. 

Blockchain Winners With No Crypto Ambitions

As it is known, unaltered ledger can be effectively applied beyond the domain of virtual money. However, alternative applications of emerging technology might still seem confusing for investors. 

J.P. Morgan forecasted software companies will adopt DLT the way many companies look forward to AI and machine learning. Yet, there will be those, growing thanks to the blockchain, the investment bank believes. 

This week J.P. Morgan’s software equity research analyst Sterling Auty notified clients about opportunities in the niche. In particular, as CNBC quotes, he said that investors should look into fields where intermediaries will soon be replaced, where trust is demanded and where DLT services can be offered. 

What Are These Three Companies? 

The investment bank is sure that the core criteria are the chances of intermediary «knockout» and availability of unaltered ledger as a service. 

And, according to J.P. Morgan, there are only three companies which fit these features. They are:

  • Akamai
  • DocuSign
  • Ellie Mae

Although such business sharks as IBM have also leapt upon the blockchain bandwagon, Auty believes, cloud service provider Akamai has more chances to succeed. The reason for that is that Akamai has “sizeable network» with which it is more likely to leverage blockchain-as-service approach. It is worth mentioning that in this case, J.P. Morgan is upholding the idea of private blockchain (not public like in bitcoin). 

As for the other two companies, J.P. Morgan states that DocuSign already offers an option of connecting DLT net to its services, while Ellie Mae will benefit from blockchain as mortgage applications processor. 

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