Kodak Delayed ICO By Several Weeks

Kodak Delayed ICO By Several Weeks

The initial coin offering (ICO) KODAKCoin, which has to start on January 31, was postponed to "several weeks". This is reported on the official website of the project.

As stated in the message, the delay is due to the need to confirm the status of accredited investors from the US: those wishing to take part in the ICO should have a capital of at least $ 1 million or an income of at least $ 200,000. Also, registration of participants outside the United States will be conducted by all the rules and laws of their countries of residence.

Given the great interest in ICO KODAKCoin, we need to check the status of the" accredited investor "for everyone who wants to participate. We expect this process to take several weeks.

The project was the result of cooperation between Kodak and WENN Digital. The KODAKCoin coin will be used as a token on a decentralized platform to manage copyrights in the photo.

The company also warned potential investors about the appearance of fraudulent KODAKCoin pages on Facebook and other sites. As stated in the message, the tokens will be available exclusively on the official website of the project.

According to Yahoo! Finance, after the announcement of the delay in ICO, Kodak shares fell by about 13%.

Earlier ForkLog already told that a growing number of blocking announcements of public companies attracted the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States. The Office intends to develop an appropriate set of rules and audits that will prevent attempts to manipulate the price of shares through announcements of expansion into the technology of the distributed registry.

Recall tZERO platform from Overstock has already announced that it will add KODAKCoin's cryptocurrency to the listing. Earlier, shares of Kodak grew significantly against the background of the announcement of ICO and charges of fraud with a new bitcoin-miner.

Information Source: Coindesk