KodakONE Blockchain Beta Test Generated $1 mln in Content Licensing Claims

KodakONE Blockchain Beta Test Generated $1 mln in Content Licensing Claims

More than $1 million — this how much in licensing claims KodakONE, a dev of DLT-based image rights platform, has generated. Certified by the American photography stalwart Kodak, this company saw such results during confined beta probation of its platform.

Serious Results

According to the report of Breaker Mag, an unaltered ledger news website, KodakONE DLT beta test saw a $1 in content licensing claims.

As it is known, the company’s platform — Image Rights Management Platform — is working on the basis of the unaltered ledger and focuses on protecting, monetizing and distributing functions. As Cointelegraph clarified, this project is not run under the aegis of Kodak itself but licensed by it.

One of the KodakONE founders — Cam Chell — emphasized that out of $1 million generated the company will gain approximately $400,000. He also added that nowadays because of exorbitant expenses of manual management even gurus of photo-industry gather licensing fees from only 20% of the market. By contrast, DLT and smart contracts KodakONE hopes to monetize the other 80%.

Later the platform might integrate the KodakCoin token for immediate license arrangement. Also, it can be used for «unfolding» smart contracts for license rule at scale.

It is important to add that the KodakONE platform employs a hybrid unaltered ledger infrastructure. The latter relies on Ethereum, Stellar and Hyperledger technologies.