A Coder Stored The Historic Korean Peace Declaration On Blockchain

A Coder Stored The Historic Korean Peace Declaration On Blockchain

On April 27, the history was made as the leaders of two countries with drastically different governments – communist and capitalist – signed a declaration about peace between them. And these states are North Korea and South Korea.

But it is not the only historic moment that occurred at the end of April. Another remarkable milestone was that the peace declaration between two Koreas has been recorded on Ethereum blockchain.

Future in The Making

Even though it was not the government's decision to mark the occasion between Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un by recording it on the blockchain, it was an initiative that cannot be changed ever.

As it is known, countries’ authorities can adjust history to their own purposes, but once it is registered on the blockchain – nobody will ever be able to delete the fact of the Panmunjom Declaration signing neither will anybody be able to alter the information.

This initiative was brought up by Ryu Gi-hyeok, a game developer from progressive South Korea, as per CoinDesk Korea. The 27-year-old man was the one who programmed the agreement both in Korean and English languages and accommodated them in two ethereum transactions. Among lines, that the activist coded was the one, claiming that there “will be no more war on the Korean Peninsula.”

Since North Korea formally declared its independence, there have passed 69 full years. And it was the first time since the creation of the country, when its leader, the follower of the official state ideology juche, visited more open-minded South Korea. And it was also for the first time in years when leaders of two countries shook hands to declare the end of the war.

It is unprecedented that such an agreement has been coded into the ethereum blockchain.

Why Did The Programmer Do That?

In a conversation with journalists, Ryu said that it took both countries so long to get to that mutual understanding, so he thought he could have contributed to the history by helping this information being stored eternally.

"After finding out what I could contribute to this historic achievement as a developer, I found the Panmunjom Declaration on the Blue House homepage and recorded it on ethereum," explained Ryu.

Other Historical Events On The Blockchain

Even though it was supposedly the most large-scale even ever recorded on the ethereum blockchain, it was not the first among the significant ones. Earlier activists of the #metoo movement in China also resorted to the use of this blockchain in order to store messages. This way they wanted to dodge the country’s censorship over the Web.

At that time, a student from notorious China’s Peking University wrote an open letter in which he told about a supposed rape case that was primarily blocked on the internet in the country. Somebody later coded this letter on the ethereum blockchain.

Ryu said he got inspired by these people, so now he intends to set off a website service that will record historical events on a blockchain. Therefore, they will be constant and unaltered.