Lerner's Freedom Cost Twice As Much

Lerner's Freedom Cost Twice As Much

The kidnappers took from him two mobile phones, a computer and demanded a ransom in the bitcoins'.

Pavel Lerner, head of EXMO crypto-exchange, was kidnapped on December 26 by unknown people in Kiev and released after a few days. He said that the kidnappers called themselves representatives of the special services, seated him in a minibus and took away. Later it became known that the number of the vehicle was from another car.

I was kidnapped by unknown people after I got out of the car of a driver I knew. The unknown called themselves representatives of the special services; I did not consider their faces. After the kidnapping, I was kept in a basement room, where I was under psychological pressure. My freedom was completely limited, and my hands were handcuffed.

December 29 Lerner was released on the highway beyond Kiev, and he was able to get to the city by taxi.

He confirms that the kidnappers took from him two mobile phones and a computer. The amount of redemption for release was 160 bitcoins, that is, more than $ 2 million, and not $ 1 million, as Anton Gerashchenko told The Financial Times.

Also, among the versions of the reasons for Lerner's abduction:

  • the conflict with the start-up of the former Minister of Transport of Ukraine Evgeny Chervonenko A2B Direct;
  • kidnapping for redemption by bandits;
  • SBU.

At the same time, Lerner does not know who organized the abduction but does not consider that it is the SBU.

Meanwhile, the official search for the abductors of the programmer Paul Lerner is still going on. But the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not entertain the public with hopes for this. Say, because the criminals took the ransom in bitcoins, it is impossible to track their location on the financial chain. The police are looking for other clues in the case.

Recall that the company Exmo Finance has a British registration, while associated with Russian business, and the operation is from Ukraine. According to the information on the exchange's website, the growth of its client base in 2017 was 250%: the service was opened by profiles of more than 1 million users - and the average trading volume of the exchange is 160 thousand bitcoins per month.

In February, the company enters the ICO with ExmoCoin and "a unique business model in the crypto world, which allows investors to increase their capitalization on the rise of blockade and cryptocurrency markets."

Information Source: Forklog