Monetize Your Posts With FRIENDZ

Monetize Your Posts With FRIENDZ

At the moment it is difficult to find a person who does not have an account on Instagram, Facebook or another social network. Users post millions of photos every day, simply because it's hard not to tell "the whole world" about their interesting life. Have you ever thought about how much service a company provides by laying out one photo with the same, for example, glass from Starbucks?

With the ubiquitous spread of social networks, the advertising campaign for many brands has ceased to be necessary. But if the company pays good money to the marketers, social network users advertise their favorite brands for free. The FRIENDZ project is designed to solve this problem.

Friendz is a company whose goal is to connect brands with their target audience using the most powerful marketing tool: social networks. Friendz introduces a new way of advertising that allows social network users to receive rewards for photos that contain brand advertising. Bonuses credited for the posts will not be expressed regarding money but in the form of various incentives such as discounts, gifts, etc. The team wants to introduce a transparent payment system that will track the flow of compensation from brands.

It is a global network of users (approximately 200,000) all across the world. It has come across a record of achievement. It was introduced in 2016 with a team of constituting around 35 members from various backgrounds. At the time of the start, it has delivered its outstanding services to around 200 multinational brands in the world. Its three major delivery centers were located in Milan, Madrid, and Rome. Its partnership concerns include 'simple agency', 'Mediacom' and 'Havas media' and so on.

The major motto of this platform is the link between their target audiences. It is based on communication marketing. The community of users in Friendz is responsible for the process of creating contents and validating them.

It has an idea of ​​performing blockchain integration. It is also planning to provide enhanced products and services in the future for further business development.

Information Source: Friendz