Most Known Persons in Blockchain in 2017

Most Known Persons in Blockchain in 2017

2017 has become a true breakthrough for the crypto-industry. The rapid growth of bitcoin has attracted the attention of all media. Digital money from the "incomprehensible hobby for geeks" has turned into one of the most discussed topics in the world. But, of course, behind every new development or technology are people: someone creates, someone popularizes, and someone uses for the benefit of society or himself.

In this material, Cryptoboom decided to analyze the outgoing year and recall some public figures who made a significant contribution to the development of the crypto-industry.

Brian Armstrong

2017 proved to be very successful for the CEO of the leading American exchange of digital assets Coinbase, Brian Armstrong. Sometimes the policy of the platform caused mixed reactions from the community, but this did not prevent Coinbase from becoming one of the most famous and recognizable companies in the blockbuster industry.

Vitalik Buterin

The founder of the world's second largest cryptocurrency, Vitalik Buterin, hardly needs a presentation - the success and popularity of Ethereum speak for themselves.

This year, Vitalik Buterin entered the Top 100 most influential Russians of the century according to the Forbes version.

Also this summer, Buterin discussed the possibilities of the detachment during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and a little later the network blew up the rumors about the death of the founder of Ethereum. In general, the real rock star in the world is crypto-currency.

Charlie Lee

This year, the creator of Litecoin Charlie Lee won universal respect and sympathy for honest, sometimes ironic statements and deeds. For example, he left the very high post of technical director of Coinbase, to concentrate all his efforts on developing his project.

He also sold all the coins that belonged to him, because he does not want to be accused of somehow influencing the price of his offspring. Some rumors in the network say Charlie Lee and the creator of the first cryptocurrency can be the same person.

John McAfee

The founder of MGT Capital Investments and the creator of the anti-virus McAfee Security John McAfee was a well-known businessman in the past, but this year began to show a significant interest in the world of crypto-currency.

Today, McAfee often gets into the headlines of the media, one way or another connected with digital money. This year, he announced the launch of a pilot program for the extraction of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, and MGT Capital raised $ 2.4 million to expand its mining activities. Also, the businessman said that the dollar is even more deceptive than bitcoin, and also joined the Russian blockchain project Universa and called BTC the best long-term investment.

And, of course, McAfee recently attracted everyone's attention when he cheered up crypto-enthusiasts, promising to "eat his penis" if in three years the price of bitcoin does not reach $ 1 million.

Well, the North Remembers, John!