Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Mine Cryptocurrencies

Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Mine Cryptocurrencies

On February 25 in Barcelona was the exhibition of mobile technologies MWC. As expected, one of the leading participants will be the specialists of Samsung, who presented the new flagship models of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +.

As the information portals reports, details on these gadgets have already leaked on the network. Fans of Samsung brand wait from the gadget's camera with the effect of slow-mo and a removable module for photo printing.

Phone - Miner

And of course, the essential feature of the device is that the Galaxy S9 will have the opportunity to mine the cryptocurrency. This will be possible primarily due to the powerful processor and video card installed in the device.

While there is no exact data on the performance of this device, as for mining, but according to available information, it is known that the devices will allow gadget owners to become richer by several thousand satoshis.

A good miner is a sober miner

Another fascinating feature of the Samsung models is that if the owner is in a state of intoxication, the functions of the phone will be very limited.

The first thing that the owner will not be able to do is to shoot a video. Secondly, the ban on any bank transfers is immediately triggered. Also, the owner of the device will not be able to call those contacts to which the owner will set restrictions in a sober state.

While it is not known whether the mining function will work if the owner decides to aggravate, we think everything will become known after the debut. As far as the appearance of the devices is known, it will not differ much from the design of the 8th generation phones, but the filling, as we have said, will undergo a severe transformation.

Information Source: The Verge