Russian Sberbank’s Head Gref Admitted His Employees Mine Cryptos Right at Work

Russian Sberbank’s Head Gref Admitted His Employees Mine Cryptos Right at Work

Employees of Russia’s largest lender Sberbank have been continually caught mining cryptocurrencies right at their offices. This has recently been confirmed by the bank’s chairman Herman Gref.

Benefiting From The Working Place

As long as currently virtual assets are not legalized in Russia, lots of people use it as an opportunity to earn gains before the government would ban the use of them in the country. And such ideas have already been explained – Russia might regulate the crypto market, but very strictly, as the proper bill is being prepared.

The Russian Central Bank, in its turn, earlier said that it is ready to support miners, but spoke against letting them trade cryptos within country’s borders.

On February 7, Russian news agency Interfax informed that Russia’s state bank’s head Herman Gref, who previously said he owns some bitcoins and who also urged the authorities not to ban cryptos, admitted that his employees are mining cryptos right at their working places.

"We [Sberbank] don’t mine, but we often catch our employees who are engaged in mining on our equipment," Gref said.

However, the head added, he personally is not interested in crypto mining as long as it’s a “primitive business,” according to his words. Gref also said that he could name dozens of other objects for piling into, which will be more profitable, than crypto business.

Sberbank’s Plans on Cryptos

Earlier, Sberbank announced about its intentions to trade cryptos abroad. Such type of business is not regulated well in Russia at present, but the state bank is looking forward to new options for gaining fortunes, so it is considering targeting Swiss crypto market.

Russians Mining Cryptos at Work

Recently, it has also been reported that a group of engineers of Russia’s Nuclear Center, located in the secret town of Sarov, was using the country’s most powerful computer to mine cryptos. Later law enforcement agencies detained all of them.