Fast and Secure Exchange Between Myriad of Blockchains to be Real

Fast and Secure Exchange Between Myriad of Blockchains to be Real

Speedy and secure swapping between various blockchain networks will soon come true as Open Trading Network launches its revolutionary products. Being the first entirely collateralized decentralized exchange, as the company claims, OTN plans on making the realm of cryptocurrency more open to ordinary users and not only.

Step Forward in the World of Blockchain

Combining multiple secluded blockchain networks into a single open network could create a secure system, which is so necessary for the worldwide crypto market. That’s precisely what the uncommercial Switzerland-based organization Open Trading Network Foundation is trying to do.

OTN claims that plethora of traders, entrepreneurs, contollers, and individual figures will enjoy its innovation due to its liquidity and quickness. The organization will soon launch projects that will provide instantaneous operations between many blockchain networks.

Within the past years, the crypto market has experienced a high-speed level of development. There has been an expository surge in the number of crypto coins. As it is assumed, currently, there is around 1,000 of them in the market. Therefore, Open Trading Network’s goal is to allow both ordinary people and market actors to enjoy the advantages of the crypto market.

The organization believes that this aim can be achieved by creating a kit of applications for the mass market. Such apps would enhance the efficiency of crypto assets management and the performance of the cross-market operations. They would also allow the users to access the global marketplace, work with tokenized loyalty systems and buy goods using a crypto wallet. But most importantly, such an innovation would secure storage of savings.


The development of this Open Trading Network’s innovation will soon be completed. After the work on it is finalized, the OTN.Wallet will shortly be presented. With its help, customers will be able to preserve and swap various digital coins. The "purse" will also provide users with quick and secured transactions and other significant traits. Among them, there will be analytical instruments, records of profitability, poised portfolio, rapid exchange, peer-to-peer transfers as well as tokenization and detokenization.

OTN.Business and OTN.Exchange

OTN.Business and OTN.Exchange are the other network’s products which are going to arrive after the set off of the OTN.Wallet.

The first one is going to be the app for entrepreneurs and all those who are involved in the business. OTN.Business will provide its users with such manipulations as crowdfunding, emission of tokenized loyalty cards, consolidation of payment patterns that use plenty of crypto coins and tokens, tokenization of services, integration of custom focused matching engines and so on.

On the other hand, the OTN.Exchange will support extremely speedy orders as well as the complete transparency of all placements.


Interestingly, Open Trading Network doesn’t tend to follow the path of least resistance. Therefore, it doesn’t gather funds via an ICO, but it has been built in cooperation with the distinguished trading business IQ Option. By the way, since October the organization has been issuing its own tokens.