Segwit 2x: Christmas Gift for Crypto Community to be Presented

Segwit 2x: Christmas Gift for Crypto Community to be Presented

Bitcoin Segwit2X team, which calls its project “the revival of Bitcoin”, was supposed to present the hard fork of the most prominent cryptocurrency back in the middle of November. However, the presentation was delayed because of controversy and cleavages within Segwit2X team. In their assertion, the crew confirmed that they had not successfully agreed for the modernization of the block size at that time, giving up on the project, so that they would not split up.

Ultimately, they are ready for the new coming out, after enhancing the network. Although with the setback, that would be a great Christmas present for all the fork supporters and crypto community on the whole.

Just a few days ago Segwit2X crew was promising to make first steps in presenting the eagerly anticipated hard fork, when on December 26 Segwit 2x top developer Jaap Terlouw reassured that the final implementation of the fork would be completed in two days – preliminary on December 28.

New Alternative to Bitcoin

Currently, the information concerning the release of the fork has been updated on the Segwit2X website, while the founder of the project Terlouw confirmed the team’s intention to execute the fork:

“Our team will carry out the Bitcoin hard fork, which was planned for mid-November.”

To support the Segwit2X project, he added that “commission and transaction speed within the Bitcoin network has reached extraordinary values.” Therefore, in Terlouw’s opinion, “it is almost impossible to use it as a means of payment.”

Notably, Segwit 2x fork is going to decrease block times to 2.5 minutes and raise block size to 4MB. Probably, this will help the fork to overcome bitcoin in speed.

In addition, the leading developer of Segwit2X informed, that despite the news considering the launch of the project, Segwit2X futures trading on exchanges, including HitBTC, have been kept for quite a long time.

“I promise that all BTC holders will receive not only B2X in the ratio of 1 to 1, but also a proportional number of Satoshi Nakamoto`s Bitcoins as a reward for their commitment to progress,” added the founder.

By the way, in 2017 the leading cryptocurrency in the world has already been forked four times. As a result, there has appeared Super Bitcoin, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin God (December), Bitcoin Gold (November) and Bitcoin Cash (August). However, there are rumored to be executed much more forks, including Bitcoin Cash Plus, Bitcoin Uranium, Bitcoin Silver, Lightning Bitcoin and some others.