SETI: Crypto-enthusiasts Hinder The Search For Aliens

SETI: Crypto-enthusiasts Hinder The Search For Aliens

The scientist of the Institute for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) said that the "cryptocurrency fever" and the popularity of mining negatively affect the activities of the organization. In particular, researchers have faced a shortage of video cards, which are necessary for complex calculations, reports BBC .

We need modern GPUs, but we just can not get them. This limits us in the search for extraterrestrial life forms. This is a new problem - it touched all our orders in recent months. In SETI we try to track as many frequencies as possible because we do not know how aliens communicate. This requires a significant computing power.

- said the head of the research center Berkeley SETI, radio astronomer Dan Wertheimer.

According to him, some telescopes can use up to 100 video cards to process data from satellite dishes that can catch sounds and echoes throughout the solar system - for example, echoes of natural phenomena like exploding stars.

Currently, SETI scientists are trying to update the equipment in two large observatories: Green Bank in West Virginia and Parkes in Australia. However, the shortage of video cards on the market was a serious problem.

We have money, we contacted the suppliers, but they just say that they do not have a GPU.

Recall, according to CFO Cowlett Kress, Nvidia, sales of video cards continue to grow steadily due to demand from crypto-currency miners. At the same time, the company urged retailers to take measures to restrict the sales of video cards to miners.

Information Source: BBC