The Chinese Launched The CryptoPuppies

The Chinese Launched The CryptoPuppies

Tired of Cryptokitties? Did not have time to take advantage? Don't be sad because...

The Chinese search engine Baidu, as part of its work with the blockchain, launched the service " Leci Gou " or "Pet Chain". Here instead of kittens, it is proposed to breed and sell puppies, and transactions will be recorded in the Baidu blockchain.

It is noteworthy that Leci Gou is not the first Baidu project on the blockchain. In January, the company introduced its own "blockchain-as-a-service / BaaS" platform.

It is still unclear whether Baidu uses public blockchain of any popular cryptocurrency or its development for these purposes, but the basic principles do not change for the user. There are a variety of digital puppies, differing in appearance and price, as well as a measure of the rarity. This allows them to be divided into ordinary, rare, exceptional, epic, mythical and legendary.

It is noted that users with accounts on Baidu can get a cryptopuppy and get free of charge 1,000 points on the market. They can be used to trade with other virtual dog owners.

The developers said:

This project is being finalized, but it is already available to users. It was developed by the internal blockchain team Baidu, which also belongs to the Hyperledger consortium, founded by the Linux Foundation.

Recall, the game application CryptoKitties after less than a week after the launch was the most popular in the blockbuster Ethereum. Interest in virtual cats turned out to be so great that the network began to experience problems with overloads. The project SophiaTX, for example, even had to be postponed because of this ICO.

Information Source: Coindesk