The Demand For Blockchain Developers Rose In 35 Times

The Demand For Blockchain Developers Rose In 35 Times

American site Upwork, specializing in the search for freelancers, said that for a year the demand for employees associated with the blockchain industry had grown 35 times. In addition to IT professionals, companies are looking for consultants to train ICO and other employees in this field.

Specialized resource for the search of IT specialists Toptal calculated that since January 2017, the demand for engineers with skills in the field of blocking grew by 700%. At the same time, 40% of the vacancies for IT professionals require competencies related to the blockchain from competitors.

The founder of the company Taso Du Val believes that such a demand for specialists in blockage testifies to the popularity of this versatile technology and its accelerated introduction into various spheres of business.

First of all, this is the certification of contracts and documents," he said. - The introduction of smart contracts is already taking place in areas such as asset management or dealing with difficult conditions. As for the financial sphere, the speed of execution plays an important role in conducting payment transactions. Smart contracts also simplify this process, as they exclude the need for coordination with the banking system and authorities. In these areas, great changes are already taking place, which means that knowledgeable specialists are required.

Many IT specialists admit that, on average, one professional who has the necessary skills related to the blockchain now chooses from around 14 different open-source job offers.

The positive attitude of the market towards blockchain-technology is also reflected in the shares of companies. Thus, the announcement of the renaming of Long Island Iced Tea in Long Blockchain led to an increase in its shares by 432% per day. A similar effect was made by the renaming of biotech-company Bioptix in Riot Blockchain.

Shares of another beverage producer, Hong Kong's SkyPeople Fruit Juice, rose more than 200% after a change of name to Future FinTech and the rumors that Twitter is about Twitter that the company is interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Information Source: Upwork