The Waves Team Presented A Beta Version Of The Desktop Client

The Waves Team Presented A Beta Version Of The Desktop Client

The Waves team introduced a beta version of the desktop client, available for various operating systems.

According to representatives of Waves Platform, the version of the application for Windows will be released today, February 2. Currently, the app is available for Linux and MacOS.

The company notes that testing the standalone application took place for six weeks. After downloading the app, the user can restore an already existing account from the seed-phrase, or create a new one.

We're really pleased with the clean, intuitive interface of a new client, as well as its powerful functionality. The overhauled DEX will be particularly welcome to traders and that modern crypto alike, and the whole process of creating and using a blockchain wallet has been streamlined to make it as fast and comfortable as possible. We're confident that this is one of the most user-friendly blockchain wallets in existence - and because it runs on your local machine, it's far more secure and stable than a web wallet.

In the middle of December, the Waves team presented a beta version of the updated web client.

The Waves platform was developed two years ago. Based on the results of the crowdsale, the hybrid Nxt, Ethereum, Ripple and Kickstarter collected $ 17,000,000 and entered the list of the best ICO ratings of 2016. This success was achieved thanks to a combination of the most popular technologies in the market of cryptocurrencies and business.

Information Source: Waves