TRON Became The Top-10 Cryptocurrency In Six Months.

TRON Became The Top-10 Cryptocurrency In Six Months.

TRON CEO Justin Sun created not a unique, but a breakthrough platform for content exchange based on the blockchain.The system will be free and accessible around the world, and the content will be managed by the users themselves. They will be able to freely publish, store and share content, earning internal tokens Tronix.

The project's founders say that the platform will provide game developers and content creators with the necessary infrastructure, including the development, payment and sharing functions.

All actions inside the platform are tied using two tokens: Tronix (TRX) and Tron Power (TP). Tronix was originally for attracting investment in the project - ICO was held in September 2017.

The second token can only be exchanged for Tronix. But you could not sell or buy something for it. Tron Power will be used as a reward for certain actions of users on the site. A similar strategy is implemented in the Golos project, where users can submit the same tokens to those authors whose publications they liked.

Less than half a year after the ICO, the project managed to break into the top 10 of the Cryptocurrency by capitalization, ahead of the "experienced" Dash, Monero and NEO.


  1. The idea of ​​TRON is really interesting for large companies. This is said in his Twitter, the founder of the project Justin Sun, mentioning that he is approached by companies from the NASDAQ list, and even those whose user base exceeds 100 million people. In early January, he also said that soon the startup will announce a partnership with a "prestigious" public company, but so far there is no information on cooperation.
  2. "Bloating". Despite the loud statements of the founder, investors criticize the team for the lack of a minimum product. The community is indignant, because "instead of real work, the TRON team is only engaged in marketing and concluding some incomprehensible agreements.

In addition, the community suspects Sun of fraud. Reddit users discuss a large sale of 6 billion TRX tokens last week. Sun said in his Twitter that he had nothing to do with this story, and a market maker made the transaction, "who used the account to trade and improve the ability to close positions, not sell tokens."

It's funny because a market maker who registered under this nickname is really called like me. In general, when registering, I use my Chinese name Yuchen, and not the English name. It would be unprofessional for me

- Sun wrote in response.

Negative news background strongly adjusted the cost of TRX after a sharp increase. In early December, the price of the coin did not exceed $ 0.004, by the end of the month it had grown exactly 10 times, and after Sun's publication, the tweet about the nearest plans of the project soared to $0.28. However, by January 10, the weighted average rate is at the level of $0.1 per coin.

Information Source: Cointelegraph