Ukrainians Will Be Able To Travel On A Single Blockchain Ticket

Ukrainians Will Be Able To Travel On A Single Blockchain Ticket

Until the end of the year in Ukraine, there will be a single through ticket for buses, railways, and flights. You can get it through a particular application developed by distributed registry technology. The Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan stated this:

Our ultimate goal is that you on your phone can open an application that will determine your geolocation, and enter a destination, for example, Kiev or Vienna. And the program showed you routes with several means of transport

According to Omelyan, the application will be able to determine the user's geolocation and build the route to the desired destination anywhere in the world, selecting several types of transport at once.

The minister also said that before the application starts in Ukraine, a single register of bus carriers will be created, to which different companies can join. In its turn, blocking technology will avoid various frauds inside the service, the official added.

Recall that at the end of November 2017 the Odessa cargo transportation company Varamar announced plans to conduct crypto-currency transactions to pay for its services.

Information Source: Gromadske