UNICEF Funds Six DLT Startups to Solve Global Issues

UNICEF Funds Six DLT Startups to Solve Global Issues

UNICEF is both crypto- and blockchain friendly. A few months ago the French leg of UNICEF said it was accepting donations in nine types of cyber-coins. This time the entire UN’s fund is investing in DLT to tackle «global challenges.»

Challenges that UNICEF Hopes to Solve With DLT

According to a press release, UNICEF aims at resolving a series of issues from healthcare supply transparency to running finances and resources. And this United Nation’s leg, which is responsible for charity for children, hopes to use unaltered ledger for that. That’s why it has funded into six DLT startups. The overall sum of the investment is $100,000.

Which Companies Will Get the Funding?

The release also informs that the funding has been executed in the frames of a wider funding program which embraces 20 tech startups. Each startup, interestingly, is located in a developing country such as Bangladesh, India, Tunisia, Argentina, and Mexico.

The piles will go to these startups:

  1. Onesmart (builds platforms for managing finances)
  2. Statwig (develops supply chain platform to make sure vaccines are delivered properly)
  3. W3 Engineers (works on establishing an offline net system)
  4. Utopixar (develops a social cooperation tool)
  5. Atix Labs (also builds platforms for managing finances)
  6. Prescrypto (develops a platform for tracing histories of patients)

Why Would UNICEF Do the Investment?

It is apparent, that blockchain can help solve issues, but why pile in DLT startups? The fund’s innovation principal advisor Chris Fabian elucidated that UNICEF financially and technically supports projects when they know their help can make the project evolve and «mature in the most fair and equitable way possible.”

Apart from financial assistance, blockchain startups will get help in products and technology from UNICEF, and access to the fund’s partners and specialists. 

The funding requires startups to submit their preliminary solutions within the following year.